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    Volume 1 Number 3 -- Shortcuts

March 2011  

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    Short Cuts Save You Time

Hi Folks,

This month we look at shortcuts. We use shortcuts to take us quickly to programs and places we visit frequently. They are easy to set up. So on we go to see how we can use shortcuts to benefit us.

We hope that this is helpful.

Pete and Josh

"Your Friends on a Technically Challenged Planet "

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What should I work with shortcuts.?

Shortcuts take you quickly to programs, websites, folders, and data that make using your PC easier. You are not required to use Windows menus, remember where particular data folders are located, or search web browser favorites or bookmarks for those web pages you frequently visit.

Shortcuts are easily made. To make one to the site on your desktop, just point to any open area on the desktop and click the right mouse button. Select NEW from the drop down menu and then slide up to pick shortcut. A new panel appears requesting "Type the location of the item:". Enter the or cut and paste it into the entry box. Now click on next to complete the process. A new entry box will appear with "New Internet Shortcut" in it. Just type DialANerd right over those words and click finish.

The shortcut is created right there in the desktop. Double clicking on it will open your web browser at the DialANerd web site. Now I know that this is self serving, but you can use this for any website. This is particularly helpful for frequently or periodically (monthly) visited web sites. The short cuts could be placed in a single folder on your desktop.

If you choose to be fancy you may change the Icon to something more memorable. Old school Windows icons are found in the c:\windows\system32\moricons.dll files and newer ones in the C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll file. Other Icons are available on line. Individual Icons are .ICO files. It is also possible to get icons from web sites, but it takes some technical expertise and tricks to find them. In the old days (late 1990's) I created a bunch of my own Icons but that is another tale.

Shortcuts can be made to any file or folder on the computer. Just point to the file or folder, click the right mouse button, select create short cut, and the shortcut magically appears in the folder. It can then be copied or moved to any location you wish. The short cut can be renamed to make it distinctive -- like "PC Hell" or "Junk Yard" if you wish.

OK, go create some shortcuts and have fun!!!!

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