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     Directions to Dial-A-Nerd

DialANerd Planet Head Quarters is the basement of Pete's home. (Nerds are always religated to work in the basement).

The address is:

   Pete Moulton
   7146 Rivers Edge Road
   Columbia, MD 21044

   Phone: 410 531-5890

Easy directions to Pete's place are:

Take RTE 29 South or
RTE 32 towards RTE 29 and
Exit RTE 29 South.

Rivers Edge Road is the first right turn off of RTE 29 just 800 yards South of RTE 32.
It is the only traffic light between Columbia and Montgomery county.

If you pass Johns Hopkins Road or RTE 216 you have traveled too far South and missed the turn.

Once you are on Rivers Edge Road, you travel straight back.
You will pass through a STOP sign and go up over a small hill.
As you start down the hill, a street (Newberry Drive) runs off to your right.
There is a corner house on the right, and then Pete's is the second house on the right after the corner house.
The number again is 7146 Rivers Edge Road.

When you go to the front door, there is a button on the right that causes all the telephones in the house to ring.
Regardless of where we are on the house, we can get the phones and then meet you.

Please see the map below for further information.

Click Here to Enlarge!

Map locating DialANerd Planet Headquarters.

2000-2011 P. D. Moulton

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2000-2013 P. D. Moulton
7146 Rivers Edge Road Columbia, MD 21044 US
Phone: 410-531-5890 Website:

Directions to DialANerd shop Columbia, MD