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You can contact Dial-A-Nerd to ask technical questions in a variety of ways including:

Pete's Generations Magazine Columns

This a link to Generations Magazine Columns written by Pete from 2003 to the present several years. These columns cover a variety of computer, network, and other technology related topics.

All articles are 2003 - 2011 by Pete Moulton who is the “older than dirt on a 1981 PC” nerd at Dial-A-Nerd Computer Services in Columbia Howard County MD. Pete has worked with personal computers (PCs) since 1981 and SOH networks since 1985. Pete has authored the Prentice-Hall books: “A+ Certification and PC Repair Guide”, “The Telecommunications Survival Guide”, and “SOHO Networking”. Contact Dial-A-Nerd services at 410 531-5890.

Gmail Hacking Prevention and Recovery

This is a description of how to prevent damage to your Gmail account from hacking and how to recover hacked e-mail.

How to Troubleshoot Your Network Connection

Here is a step by step procedure to troubleshoot and resolve problems with your wired network connection. This also applies to some degree to wireless connections.

How to Buy A New PC.

Buying a new personal computer (PC) is like trying to hit a moving target traveling at 1,000,000 mph. The computer, disk storage, RAM memory, Central Processing Unit (CPU), video and flat panel display, networking, and Windows software techniologies are constantly changing providing more capabilities at lower costs. This page presents a decision making strategy using computer, disk drive, RAM, CPU, Video, and display panel products with 2008 capabilities. The strategy remains the same, but the product parameters insrease in capacity and speed every few months. Now we are dealing with duo (two) and quad (four) core CPUs. This means the at the CPU contains actually two or four computers. There is always more to come.

Check Pete's Generations Article on Buying a New PC.

New Computers at Best Buy - use for comparison

Yes, Dial-A-Nerd has pocket protectors here!

Other Helpful Nerd Links are here.

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Pete and Josh answers technical questions and troubleshoots your problem for free
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