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Dial-A-Nerd Gear -- Pocket Protector

Nerd-Gear: Geek chic!

(Sorry guys, not geek "chicks", but "chic", which is French for high-fashion.)

Pocket Protector
Pocket Protector Model (thumbnail)

   What else but Pocket Protectors can keep
   your ink from draining in your brand new
   oxford shirt pocket? Pens leak away, especially
   when you keep them so close to your body
   that they heat up and burst. Feel safe and
   protected with the Dial-A-Nerds kept close
   to your heart.


If you are interested in purchasing a pocket protector call 800 432-6373 !

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  • Computer Telephone Support
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  • Remote Access Computer Repair 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Virus Removal - saving your data
  • Windows installation and Upgrade
  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Promotion
  • Small Business Computer Support
  • Telephone System - VoIP Consulting
  • Practice Management Software Support for Abacus and Medisoft Software
  • Typical 24 to 48 hour service turn around
2000-2011 P. D. Moulton

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2000-2013 P. D. Moulton
7146 Rivers Edge Road Columbia, MD 21044 US
Phone: 410-531-5890 Website:

DialANerd Columbia, MD Computer Network Repair Virus Removal Pocket Protector