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DialANerd on-site service comes to your home. We troubleshoot your computer and diagnosing and identifying its problems. We can check the computers disk drive is using a special diagnostic CD. If you have a USB disk drive and your computer's disk drive is working, we can copy critical and important data from your computers disk drive to it.

Using this diagnostic CD we begin removing viruses and spyware. Once the viruses and spyware rare removed we using your original computer installation CDs can rebuild and update Windows software, and bring the PCs BIOS and other hardware drivers up to current releases. Finally, the DialANerd "Periodic Maintenance sm" folder containing information on how to keep your PC free of viruses and spyware is placed on your desktop. This folder helps you keep your PC free from pests and running smoothly.

In some cases we find that the computer disk drive is failing or the other hardware components need replacing. With Dial-A-Nerd Clients always have the option of buying their own replacement hardware because sometimes they can find it at more competitive prices than Dial-A-Nerd charges.

When disk drives fail, we use special computerss at the shop to image the failing disk drive so that the image can be restored to the new replacement drive. In that event or when we find that it is going to require more than 3 hours hours to repair the computer, we will limit the charges to 3 hours time, but we then take the PC back to the shop to complete the repairs.

We do stock and carry power supplies. So if you need one of them on a Sunday night to get a child's school project done by Monday morning, please give us a call.

Hiring Dial A Nerd, a local Columbia Howard County Maryland small business, brings their 25 yrs home and office onsite computer repair, maintenance, support, troubleshooting, fixing, and upgrading experience; constant virus and spyware removal experience; their data recovery saving your data experience and tools; and their website development experience working on desktop, laptop, Windows XP and Windows Vista computers to solving your computer repair or Windows repair, or wired or wireless network repair problem.

Call 410 531-5890 to schedule an On-site appointment.

Compare with Geek Squad Pricing

DialANerd charges $2 per minute or $120 per hour for on-site service with no minimum charge and a "not to exceed" limit of $480.

2000-2013 P. D. Moulton

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2000-2013 P. D. Moulton
7146 Rivers Edge Road Columbia, MD 21044 US
Phone: 410-531-5890 Website: