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Dial-A-Nerd Hall of Acronyms - ABR to DEC
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ABR Available Bit Rate One category of the VCI in ATM cells.
ADSL Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line An offering by the phone company that offers you a fast digital speed to the Internet and a VERY fast digital speed from the Internet.
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode A protocol converging voice, video and data across a single communications line. Watch this protocol for the future, as it overcomes many communications difficulties when combining different types of communications.
Automatic Teller Machine A computer which allows you to do automated banking even when the bank is closed. Pretty neat stuff, but look over your shoulder and make sure you're safe before you withdraw your $300.
AWOL Absent WithOut Leave: This means you're in trouble. Better get back to where you're supposed to be. Aren't you supposed to be working?
BNC Brittish Naval Connector A connector for coaxial cable that makes a very sturdy connection as the "prongs" on the female end of the connector fit into the "grooves" on the male connector and twist to lock into place.(the original definition of the acronym has apparently been lost - try making your own)
British National Connector
BayoNet Connector
Barrel Neutral Connector
Better Not Come-apart connector
BPS Bits Per Second A measurement of data speeds. The rate of bits (1's or 0's) communicated per second.
CBR Constant Bit Rate One category of the VCI in ATM cells.
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access  
CIR Committed Information Rate Used in Frame Relay contracts, a CIR is what your pre-payed frames across the Frame Relay Network will be.  Measured in thousands of bits per second (kbps)
DAN Dial-A-Nerd The recommended standard (RS-DAN) in education made fun for the common man. Started as a radio show in the late 90's, but turned into a media giant after that admittedly embarassing smouldering eyebrow incident of Pete's. Then again, some continue to argue that the historic (hysteric?) Dial-A-Nerd turning point was the day that Jeremy's mugshot photo incited a riot at the Y2K tent at the annual JAVA gala. Your humble editor prefers not to choose sides.
DE-Bits Discard Eligible Bits Used in Frame Relay contracts, the DE-bits are the bits above your CIR that may be discarded if there is not enough bandwidth to carry your frames across the nebulous cloud.
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation DEC, now commonly referred to as Digital was instrumental in mainframe computers, competing with companies such as IBM. More recently, they are known for their production of the amazing Alpha processor. These days, much of Digital has been purchased by Compaq and now by HP.

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