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Dial-A-Nerd Hall of Acronyms - FDMA to WWW

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FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access  
FONZ Friends of the National Zoo  
GPS (GPSS) Global Positioning (Satellite) System  
GSM GlobalSystem for Mobile Communications This is an international cellular standard for completing calls and billing customers.
HTML HyperText Markup Language  
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol  
IBM International Business Machines IBM has been equated with personal computing. They were instrumental in bringing us not only personal computers but mainframes and much more.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network  
It Still Does Nothing
MUX Multiplexer  
PCS Personal Communication Service  
Stat-MUX Statistical Multiplexer  
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access  
VBR Variable Bit Rate One category of the VCI in ATM cells.
VCI Virtual Channel Identifier Used in ATM cells.
VPI Virtual Path Identifier Used in ATM cells. The first byte in an ATM header that is a shorthand reference to the address. (ie: Instead of the address "1100 Pensylvania Ave, Washington, DC", the first ATM cell would negotiate the path and assign the VPI "White House". All subsequent references to "White House" would refer to the predefined path.)
VPN Virtual Private Network  
VRML Virtual Reality Markup Language  
WDM Wave Division Multiplexing  
WWF World Wrestling Federation  
WWW World Wide Web  

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