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The Dial-A-Nerd Guide to Buying a New Computer

In today's incessantly changing PC market the decision to buy a PC confuses everyone. What  features are important? How much  to spend? What PC  fits my needs? Where to buy? What PC looks cool?  You get the point. These and other questions face the PC Purchaser. To simplify the process we recommend putting budget aside and assure any PC purchase contains these minimum hardware components.

Hardware components Acceptable type or value
Processor Type AMD or Intel
Dual or Quad Core
Processor Speed Single Core 3.0 to 3.4 GHz and Up
Dual Core 2.0 GHz and Up
Amount of RAM< 4,096 MB and higher
Hard Drive Size 500 GB and up
Graphics Card PCI Express card with 256 MB or more of memory and 256 bit data transfer
Sound Card Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Card
USB 2.0 and 3.0 Support Yes
Monitor(s) size and type 20-inch or larger Wide Flat Panel monitor
Software Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition for home and
Windows 7 64-bit Professional for Networks with Servers
and Download AVG Antivirus and OpenOffice.

A PC containing this hardware runs between $500.00 and $1,200.00.   It provides adequate performance when running most all software. A PC that goes beyond these basic specifications provide better performance at a higher cost, and anything less lowers performance somewhat to lower cost.

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Pete Moulton is the “older than dirt on a 1981 PC” nerd at Dial-A-Nerd Computer Services and The Moulton Company. He has worked with PCs since 1981 and networks since 1985. Pete has authored the Prentice-Hall books: “A+ Certification and PC Repair Guide”, “The Telecommunications Survival Guide”, and “SOHO Networking”. Contact Dial-A-Nerd services and The Moulton Company at 410 531-5890 or visit the web sites or P. D. Moulton.

When you live in Columbia Howard County Maryland and hire Dial A Nerd, a local Columbia Maryland small business, this brings brings their 25 yrs home and office onsite computer repair, maintenance, support, troubleshooting, fixing, and upgrading experience; constant virus and spyware removal experience; their data recovery saving your data experience and tools; and their website development experience working on desktop, laptop, Windows XP and Windows Vista computers to solving your computer repair or Windows repair, or wired or wireless network repair problem. Dial A Nerd provides immediate, hourly onsite, or repair shop fixed price services backed by 25 yrs of computer support, troubleshooting, fixing, upgrading, and website design and development experience.

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