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The Dial-A-Nerd Guide to Buying a New Computer

Setting a Budget

A first step is to determine how much you can spend, then see where it fits into the budget ranges below. The amount of money spent correlates directly   to the performance of the PC.  The recommendation above falls into the middle category. Basic software such as word processing, email, spreadsheets, and surfing the web runs with acceptably on all new PCs purchased today. The performance becomes a concern when  hardware intensive programs such as 3D Games, Graphics Software, or Photo Editing Software. Now click on the budget to move to step 2.

Bargain PC

Price Range $499.00 to $800.00

Performance- ok

Multi Purpose PC

Price Range $900.00 to $1,400.00

Performance - good

Super PC

Price Range $1,400.00 and up

Performance- excellent

This PC's  lower cost compromises performance. This means software runs slower on the PC.  These PCs are good for running  basic home and business software. This PC is a good all around PC. These PCs are good for typical home users who does a little bit of everything. This PC provides speed. The latest and greatest technology and gizmos at a higher price.



Pete Moulton is the “older than dirt on a 1981 PC” nerd at Dial-A-Nerd Computer Services and The Moulton Company. He has worked with PCs since 1981 and networks since 1985. Pete has authored the Prentice-Hall books: “A+ Certification and PC Repair Guide”, “The Telecommunications Survival Guide”, and “SOHO Networking”. Contact Dial-A-Nerd services and The Moulton Company at 410 531-5890 or visit the web sites or P. D. Moulton.

When you live in Columbia Howard County Maryland and hire Dial A Nerd, a local Columbia Maryland small business, this brings brings their 25 yrs home and office onsite computer repair, maintenance, support, troubleshooting, fixing, and upgrading experience; constant virus and spyware removal experience; their data recovery saving your data experience and tools; and their website development experience working on desktop, laptop, Windows XP and Windows Vista computers to solving your computer repair or Windows repair, or wired or wireless network repair problem. Dial A Nerd provides immediate, hourly onsite, or repair shop fixed price services backed by 25 yrs of computer support, troubleshooting, fixing, upgrading, and website design and development experience.

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