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Your friend on a technically challenged planet. (c)

                            2000-2020 P. D. Moulton

Immediate On-Line Service

Dial-A-Nerd provides an immediate PC over the Internet computer repair and virus removal service for local Columbia, Howard County, Maryland computer(s).

Please call 410 615-3655 to coordinate, then click on the image.

Dial-A-Nerd Mission

Dial-A-Nerd is your friend on a technically challenged planet. Dial-A-Nerd provides:

  1.) Telephone support - Dial-A-Nerd solves your problems and answers your questions whenever you call 410 615-3655. All questions are answered in simple English!

2. Computer and network troubleshooting and repair services. Dial-A-Nerd can fix your computer immediately using remote access. For more severe hardware problems Dial-A-Nerd provides in-shop or on-site repair as determined by the issue.

Dial-A-Nerd emphasizes customer service over revenues. We provide unbiased answers to all your IT questions. Dial-A-Nerd does not promote or sell any product, Internet service or manufacturer. We answer technology questions on smart phones, Amazon Alexa and Fire Stick television, computers and WiFi and Mesh networks. Our goal is to answer your question and fix your problem while saving your important data and pictures.

Dial-A-Nerd performs a free computer cleaning, computer inspection, and disk drive error analysis at our local shop located in Columbia, Howard County, Maryland.

Dial-A-Nerd has "Not-To-Exceed"(c) pricing  which limits repair service charges. All service comes with a 60-day "No-Questions-Asked" warranty.

Typical repair completion time is 24 to 48 hours.

If you need a power supply Sunday evening so that a school project can be completed by Monday morning, we have a standard 500 watt power supply waiting for you.

Pete's new books are found here:

Other Helpful Information


   Dial-A-Nerd is open

   Monday to Sunday

   9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

   Emergency - just call

   Dial-A-Nerd is located at:

   7146 Rivers Edge Road
   Columbia, MD 21044.

© 2000-2013 P. D. Moulton
7146 Rivers Edge Road Columbia, MD 21044 US
Phone: 410-531-5890 Website:

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